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Prophetic Forecast

July 1st 2022

Welcome to the FIRST day of the THIRD quarter… YOU MADE IT!

In the the month of JULY God is doing MAJOR TURNAROUNDS and it start with you! The time of REVIVAL is now and He is drawing His people (warriors) out of the cave and every dry place rekindled with fire!…. What is coming to you next is coming in HOT fresh out of heaven!

Beware of Wolves in sheeps clothing !!!

I Declare that the month of July will be an easy transition for you!

I Decree that July will be a time of awakening for you!

I Decree & Declare that you will move & build and now it’s time to OCCUPY & DWELL!

I Decree & Declare that the true atmosphere shifters will stand and weep between the porch & altar standing in the gap for our nations!

I Decree & Declare that in this seventh (7) God will begin to complete some unfinished things in your life!

Those who has an ear hear what the spirit of God is saying. It is So & So it is in Jesus name Amen.

Double Shalom

Apostle Simmone ❤️


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