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You are Significant to God!

As I am preparing for my 2 conferenice for the year, S.O.W.E.R Experience coming up next week. God bought me back to a time when I was laying on my bed at my lowest. I was thinking that I didn’t have much to give God for Him to use. I felt worthless and useless. Years later I can smile and say that I am glad I didn’t stay there! God took the little out of my hand and made much.

You might feel the same way now, where I was many years ago. That what’s in your hand is too small for God to use. Actually you’re wrong my friend what you have is just right for Him to do something mega in your life. God has use for you. If you give Him your mind He will download strategy to complete it. God has invested in you and wants to see you win!

i hear God say “.YOU ARE SIGNIFICANT”

“The five little loaves and two little fishes that were placed in My hands became very significant, as I blessed them and used them to feed the multitude.

“The two little widow’s mites received My immediate attention, and I recorded it in My book to reward her openly.

“A common rod in the hand of Moses became a powerful weapon, as it was used to perform signs and wonders.

“I recognized the tiny ants as being industrious workers, used the little cloud, the size of a man’s hand, to end the long drought, and told you that your faith that is only the size of a grain of mustard seed can move a mountain,” says The LORD.

“I formed man out of the particles of the dust of the earth,” says The LORD, “and made him MY image, and you are not insignificant!

Prayer: Lord help me to know that what you gave me in my hands is useful. That I am significant and very important to you. I thank you God for where I am now and where I am going. You chosen me for this assignment and because of you God I know I can complete it. Amen It is So & So it is!

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Amen. Christ not only vindicates us but He validates us . Grace Nelson-Dunkley

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